About us

Over recent years, the Tassie Indie Author Book Fair has evolved into a robust Indie Author community. We are a diverse range of authors with one thing in common – we are all self-published.

The aim of the Tasmanian Indie Author group is to support and learn from each other, and get our stories out into the world. We come together for an annual Book Fair in May each year, sometimes for smaller events, and are working at getting Tasmanian Indie Authors into more book shops.

We have an online meeting place with our Facebook group so our entire Tasmanian Indie Community can meet and share experiences. A smaller group meets once a month in Hobart to discuss ideas, plans and share experiences face-to-face. (Details can be found on our Tasmanian Indie Author group regarding dates and location.)

Click here to join our Tasmanian Indie Author group.

If you would like more information, or would just like to talk writing and indie publishing, please contact us.

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